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Our Work In Few Words:

The objective of our association's is to assist the people of Kaithe (Kenya, East Africa) in their cultural, economic and social development. We will be providing logistical, financial and human support. Our action is part of a sustainable development program, paying particular attention to respect their customs and traditions, as well as the environment around them.

You Too Can Participate!

Monetary donations are of course are very much needed, to finance the project but we are very happy to receive volunteers as well. Found rising, promoting the work of our association, personally helping us on Kaithe.

Portanto, obrigada pela sua generosidade...

pourquoi kaithe

The association Friends of Kaithe is a 1901 law formed in February 2010, based in France, in the city of Antony.

This project began by a meeting between Charles Maina M’RARAMA and Veronica SCHROETER. Charles is Kenyan and has always dreamed of helping his African community. The other is Veronica, German-Brazilian and she is eager to work for people in need. They met in Japan, during spiritual development course in 2008. This is where they had the initial idea.

The following year, in 2009, Veronica travels to Kenya to discover the town of Kaithe. She spent two months in field and the result was the formation of an association on the village “Friends of Kaithé”, which aims to improve the living conditions of local people, with special attention on children education.

A second association has been created to raise funds for the project. It is based in France where Veronica lives, since then, people are being contacted all over the world.


le projet

Firstly, we must clarify that this project is a social-economic development program of the town of Kaithe and is above all an initiative of its inhabitants. Through their spokesman, the villagers have expressed their desire to improve their daily lives. Together we have established a plan of action to achieve their aims.

The consists of various training courses (organic farming, sewing, cooking...) along with the construction of a cultural center, renovation of the public school, the creation of a shop and a library, the drilling of a well for a water supply, supporting orphaned children. All these are among other priority actions to help the people of Kaithe.

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le projet